El Kanah, surrounded by beautiful scenery and situated on 12 acres is the perfect environment to learn how to overcome such challenges as anxiety, depression, stress, low self esteem, major life changes, etc.

In this environment the enhancement of one’s physical and emotional life is possible by learning and putting into practice such things as:

Learning Pathways to Good Mental Health:

Family of Origin

Discovering the Impact on Oneself – Strengths and Weaknesses                                                                                                                                                            Acquiring knowledge regarding change

Examining Self Talk – negative vs positive

The impact of Self Talk and the ability to change

Examining one’s Belief System

(not religious, beliefs in general)

Changing Thought Patterns (Renewing the Mind)

The power of the mind – e.g.. the control thoughts have over emotions
and behaviour together with physiological consequences.

Raising Self Esteem

Discovering Oneself and learning Self Acceptance

Understanding Stress

Strategies for managing stress

Meditation and Visualization

Draw closer to God and discover all that He has to offer

One’s Significance

What the Bible has to say

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Help to overcome anxiety and stress

Cognitive Therapy Techniques

Taught by professional counsellors trained in these techniques

Issues of the Heart

Overcoming bitterness by forgiveness
Loss and grief and its consequences if not dealt with

Group sessions or personally tailored individual sessions are available.

For further information please email or ring Vera Gill at El Kanah:

veralorraine@yahoo.com.au    M: 0414 564 309