Pre – Marriage Workshops and Marriage Growth Retreats

Your leaders for these two Retreats are Vera and Peter Gill, trained by the Anglican Marriage Guidance Council (Lifeworks), with over thirty years experience in this ministry.

Pre – Marriage Workshops:

A weekend for exploring and developing relationship

Dates of Workshop:

To be advised

Marriage Growth Retreat:

Strengthening Relationships & Overcoming Challenges

Dates of Retreat:

To be advised

Courses cover such areas as:

  • Family of Origin
  • Expectations and Goals
  • Handling Finances
  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Handling Conflict & Emotions
  • Spirituality
  • Other areas designated by couples

Mid-Week Retreat for 50 Plus

Dates of Retreats:
6th  – 10th February, 2017
 22nd – 26th May, 2017
14 – 18th August, 2017
30th October – 3rd November, 2017
Mid-Week Retreats are 5 days spent sharing friendship. It is an opportunity to:
  • Hear the Word of God through our guest speakers
  • Share experiences with others
  • Give others encouragement
  • Find new ways to serve God

The Retreats are varied, fun and promise opportunities for relaxation. Enjoy a picnic lunch one day and be spoilt with a special afternoon tea another. Keep fit by taking one of the many scenic walks around Marysville or relax around the open fire. You will find the environment around El Kanah picturesque, inspiring and relaxing.

Recovery from Divorce/Separation & Bereavement:

Growing through adversity

Date of Retreat:  

To be advised

Topics Covered:

  • Grieving Processes: 7 steps.
  • Anxiety:​ What are the causes and assistors?
  • Anger: It is ok to feel angry! Learn to express it in a helpful and positive manner
  • Loneliness-Alone:​ My response to it. – make a shift!
  • Forgiveness:​​ How can/do I forgive?
  • Rebuilding self-esteem: Goal setting/a new identity/you!

Other Retreats run by El Kanah:

Living at Peace with Ourselves and Others:  Date to be advised:  2017  –  Pastor Graeme Cann

Spiritual, Health & Wellbeing 

  • Prayer Mountain Retreats: Fasting, Prayer & Reflection
  • Meditation & Visualization
  • Healing Retreats – Prayer Ministry (World to Christ Healing (Australia) Inc.
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Mentoring Ministry to Ministers and their wives (Graeme and Julia Cann)
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Counselling (including Residential and Intensive Counselling)
  • Restoration Retreats (tailored to the individual)
  • Recovery from the effects of Loss & Grief
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition

Gift Certificates are available for these Retreats
For further details and costs, etc., please ring:
Vera Gill, El Kanah: (03) 5963 3600 –